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We help organizations transform data into real-world intelligence and answer their toughest business questions.

Our Vision

Intelligence Everywhere

Our Mission

To make every enterprise a more intelligent enterprise

What We Do

We provide powerful software solutions and expert services that empower every individual with actionable intelligence, helping enterprises unleash the full potential of their people and investments. Our analytics and mobility platform delivers high-performance business applications that meet the needs of both business and IT.

Pioneering the Intelligent Enterprise

In 1989, MicroStrategy was founded on the principle that the future belongs to organizations that effectively harness the power of their data. This vision has driven us from day one to deliver world-class software and services that redefine what’s possible and help transform our customers on their journey to becoming the Intelligent EnterpriseTM.

  • 1993

    MicroStrategy unveiled the industry’s first relational OLAP interface (DSS Agent 2.0)

  • 1995

    MicroStrategy introduced the first true relational OLAP product suite for enterprise-wide decision support applications, enabling business users to conduct relational OLAP analyses directly against a relational warehouse. [DSS Agent 3.0]

  • 1997

    MicroStrategy released the industry’s first maintenance and administration tool. (DSS Administrator)

  • 1998

    Major events included a successful IPO in June and the launch of the industry’s first Information Broadcast Server for distribution, alerting, and notifications. (DSS Broadcaster)

  • 1999

    MicroStrategy launched the world’s first personal intelligence network. (Strategy.com)

  • 2000

    MicroStrategy launched a re-architected version of its core platform on 32-bit, MicroStrategy 7, as well as a write-back transaction solution for users via web, wireless, and voice. (MicroStrategy Transactor)

  • 2002

    MicroStrategy introduced the first technology that combines multi-dimensional OLAP analysis with relational OLAP on 64-bit, accomplished through Intelligent Cubes: MicroStrategy 7i. It also certified the platform to run on Unix, Linux, and Windows, and introduced a web SDK.

  • 2004

    MicroStrategy delivered BI technology to users of Microsoft® Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint®, Excel, and Outlook, significantly expanding accessibility. (MicroStrategy Office)

  • 2005

    MicroStrategy introduced a single unified architecture for reporting, analysis, and monitoring and a web interface that makes BI more approachable for all. OLAP In-memory, a streamlined functionality, scalable architecture, and single metadata are the hallmarks of this milestone. (MicroStrategy 8)

  • 2006

    MicroStrategy introduced a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) engine capable of creating optimized dynamic MDX syntax, giving users efficient access to MDX data sources such as Microsoft Analysis Services and Hyperion Essbase.

  • 2007

    MicroStrategy was the first to integrate its analytics platform with advanced dashboard visualization capabilities. [Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards] MicroStrategy Mobile became the first mobile BI product, letting users receive the same reports on a BlackBerry device and desktop—with no reformatting required.

  • 2009

    MicroStrategy introduced adaptive caching technology called In-memory ROLAP, providing an optimized middle-tier database that responded directly to requests from reports, dashboards, and OLAP analyses. MicroStrategy 9 also introduced new SQL generation optimizations that improved performance for queries involving complex metrics. (MicroStrategy 9)

  • 2010

    MicroStrategy offered interactive reports and dashboards on the Apple iPad and introduced MicroStrategy Mobile Suite, an easy-to-access, no-cost software and services package that allowed companies to try MicroStrategy Mobile.

  • 2011

    MicroStrategy released Transaction Services, allowing organizations to deliver mobile apps that connect to back-end transactional systems and databases. MicroStrategy also unveiled the first cloud-based service to enable rapid, cost-effective development of BI and mobile apps. (MicroStrategy Cloud)

  • 2012

    MicroStrategy delivered enhanced data discovery features in Visual Insight, support for advanced analytics from 'R,' and improved connectivity to Hadoop. MicroStrategy also introduced a new search feature and MicroStrategy System Manager, an enhanced admin tool. (MicroStrategy 9.3)

  • 2014 Q1

    MicroStrategy announced the availability of a scalable, cloud-based, in-memory analytics service designed to deliver high performance on the largest data sets and highest user concurrencies. (MicroStrategy PRIME) MicroStrategy also delivered a set of new mobile offerings for the #1-rated MicroStrategy Mobile App™.

  • 2014 Q2

    MicroStrategy made powerful analytics and mobility available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

  • 2015 Q2

    For the first time, MicroStrategy's analytics platform combined traditional BI functionality with data discovery, mobile analytics, and powerful enterprise security. (MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise)

  • 2015 Q4

    MicroStrategy introduced digital identity and telemetry with Usher, enabling trusted interactions for physical and logical access, communications, and other interactions between people, data, and physical locations.

  • 2016

    MicroStrategy made its MicroStrategy Desktop product free, giving students and young professionals a way to start exploring data sources and building visualizations to help decision-making. (MicroStrategy Desktop)

  • 2017

    MicroStrategy introduced enhancements to its v10 platform, including a data connector SDK, support for intelligent narratives, ML, AI integration, and predictive analytics with R as well as improvements for big data analytics and mobile app development.

  • 2017 Q4

    MicroStrategy 10 innovations, including Dossier and Workstation, represented a leap forward for users to do more with their analytics regardless of technical skill or role and underscored our vision of delivering ‘Intelligence Everywhere.'

Our Core Values


  • We team up with customers, partners, and one another.
  • We show up on time, curious and ready to perform.
  • We contribute each and every moment and take pride in our work.


  • We define and adhere to comprehensive and thoughtful procedures to meet key business objectives.
  • We continually measure both activity as well as results with objective performance metrics.
  • We propagate excellence and empower people via shared knowledge systems and training materials.


  • We expect that change is necessary for success and we embrace it.
  • We synchronize our activities with shared systems and schedules.
  • We are relentless in our pursuit of product, process, and self-improvement.



  • We balance our intense pursuit of excellence with respect for the individual.
  • We embrace moments of celebration, laughter, and good cheer.
  • We always strive to maintain a happy and harmonious work environment.


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Michael J. Saylor

Chairman, President and CEO

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Timothy Lang

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