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A few of our customers

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“The days of quarterly planning are over. MicroStrategy allows marketers to continually evolve, be agile based on what they’re seeing in real-time, and make better recommendations to our clients.”

Dave Panek VP of Product Marketing, Vibes

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“We wanted something that was lightning fast, intuitive, and mobile. At the click of a button, they could find all of the insights that would help them understand the state of their business.”

Sean Bauer Director, Business Insights & Operations, Merck

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“We really came to a good solution that was clean, fast, mobile friendly, and gave us exactly what we needed to see on-demand.”

Craig DeOreo Senior Manager, Execution Standards, Coca-Cola

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“Our sales force is predominantly in the field. Giving them the ability to get real-time insights about their clients and their clients' needs is super important.”

Karl Sprules Chief Technology Officer, AllianceBernstein

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“We've been on this long journey of taking all of our pricing and analytics tools and bringing them together. Sitting at the top of that is MicroStrategy telling the story.”

Shajay Mathai Analytics Technical Officer, AIG