Know where you stand with powerful mapping capabilities.

MicroStrategy’s Geospatial Services offers organizations fast, easy-to-use tools to explore datasets in the right context. By visualizing massive volumes of location data on a map, users are empowered to make better-informed business decisions based on geography.

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Advanced mapping functionality, powered by Mapbox.

Allow users to tap into geospatial functionality, create powerful vector-based maps, and deliver an unmatched user experience. Built-in mapping, and location search capabilities allow users to instantly view and use location data via interactive web or mobile apps.

Global coverage, down to the postal code

Plot polygons, shapes, or areas on a map, with Geospatial Services, for more than 150 countries, down to the zip code or postal code level. MicroStrategy helps to resolve location name conflicts so users can plot data with confidence.

Dynamic layers

Take the interaction between layers on a map into your own hands. Display data layers at different zoom levels, with more control and flexibility. Create maps that are not cluttered with excessive data points and show only relevant data at every zoom level.

Powerful clustering

Transform and aggregate data points with built-in clustering capabilities that can be managed at each layer, and customize how clusters are viewed at different zoom levels. Users can also specify the radius for each cluster, providing the flexibility needed to best visualize your data.

Multiple styles

Choose from multiple out-of-the-box options for map styles. Go from a highly detailed street map to sophisticated satellite view, with thought-based options for all your data and consumption needs.

Every device

The native integration of Geospatial Services, powered by Mapbox, provides iOS and Android users with faster and more reliable mapping capabilities. Use geo-location prompts and filter data on the map by current location. Native gestures such as tap, pinch, and pan can launch information windows or zoom in and out swiftly to get the data you want.

Map your data for greater impact.

Interact with an actual MicroStrategy Dossier below which visualizes earthquake data from NOAA.

Mapping options

Get started immediately by leveraging the mapping solutions provided out-of-the-box:

Mapping visualization

based on ESRI maps

MicroStrategy Geospatial Services

powered by Mapbox

Additionally, MicroStrategy connects seamlessly with leading Geospatial Information System (GIS) technologies such as ArcGIS Enterprise and Google Maps. Contact us to speak with a MicroStrategy expert about Geospatial Services.

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