HyperIntelligence™ for Mobile

HyperIntelligence™ in the palm of your hand.

MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence™ for Mobile is a revolutionary new app that proactively brings critical answers to you, wherever you are, on your favorite iOS devices. For the first time, you can access cards with contextual, relevant information by simply swiping a notification.

Be the smartest one in the room.

Rushing to your next meeting? Get a push notification that points you to a relevant card with key insights about the customer, account, or product in question. After a quick glance, you’ll arrive informed and prepared to lead better conversations.

Automatically match cards to calendar items through native integration with the iOS calendar app.

Get answers, fast.

Easily find the right card at the right moment, wherever you are. Look up cards using the native iOS Spotlight Search functionality or find them directly in the HyperIntelligence™ for Mobile app.

Incorporate cards into familiar search workflows with integration to the native Spotlight Search functionality on iOS.

No wifi? No problem.

Whether you’re in the elevator, on a plane, or just walking to your next meeting, MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence™ for Mobile makes it easy to stay informed. Cards are automatically cached when activated in the Settings menu, allowing users to search while offline and ensuring that productivity is never dependent on a wifi connection.

Build once, deploy across platforms.

MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence™ for Mobile is fully integrated into the MicroStrategy platform and leverages the same cards that are deployed on the web. That means you can easily add mobile functionality to your existing HyperIntelligence™ deployment and put cards in the hands of more users than ever before.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The zero-click paradigm radically changes the types of applications we will build and the way everyone—from the C-suite to foremen on-site—will access information, accelerating decision-making at each moment.”
– Gilbane Building Company
“We’re excited to roll out HyperIntelligence™ and think that cards on top of Salesforce will really help drive the adoption of intelligence among our salespeople.”
– Tap Air Portugal
“We built a card that included critical KPIs sourced from multiple databases and applications and had it in our users’ hands—all in under 30 minutes.”

Bring HyperIntelligence to your organization.

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