Badge and Communicator

Enterprise apps to boost employee productivity and collaboration.

Screenshot showing an iPhone displaying a digital employee badge
Screenshot of an ipad showing a grid of employees in the badge management app, with one employee selected and a card showing more details
Screenshot showing a user logging into an application on a laptop using the badge app QR code scan or push notification on their phone.

MicroStrategy Badge replaces physical ID badges, passwords, keys, and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via a smartphone. A digital badge serves as a singular identity across all enterprise systems and entryways. With MicroStrategy Communicator you can deploy a dynamic employee directory, manage remote resources, and improve safety communications.

MicroStrategy Badge

MicroStrategy Badge creates a mobile identity on your smartphone that replaces dated access control tools like keycards, passwords, and security tokens with a unified digital credential. The digital badge lets users unlock all key business assets with a one-tap or zero-tap experience—without sacrificing enterprise security. In addition to providing advanced authentication and access management with time, location, and biometric-based options, MicroStrategy Badge also generates critical telemetry that powers market-leading business intelligence and analytics that can be used to enhance security, streamline compliance, and improve employee, vendor, and partner engagement.


  • Open doors in offices, hotel rooms, parking garages, cars

  • Log in to desktop applications, web apps, and VPNs

  • Gain faster, more convenient access with Siri, Badge widget, favorite keys, and Apple Watch

  • Receive and respond to communications over the MicroStrategy Identity network

Screenshot showing an iPhone mobile app badge with executive credentials for unlocking a facility.
Screenshot showing an iPad mobile app with a map of facility locations and employees within those facilities.

MicroStrategy Communicator

MicroStrategy Communicator provides the tools needed to instantly connect with the right people in a meaningful and contextual manner, whether you are coordinating a regional salesforce, a diverse customer population, a government disaster recovery team, or a global network of vendors, distributors, and partners. MicroStrategy Communicator provides identity discovery, location awareness, and two-way communications features that can be leveraged to coordinate activities across a distributed group of MicroStrategy Badge users.


  • Discover nearby users and view select profile information

  • Search for users based on any criteria in the directory

  • View real-time maps of user location

  • Create, edit, and save user groups

  • Improve response to emergencies

  • Communicate with individual users or groups in-app or using standard methods like phone, text, and email

Screenshot showing an iPhone mobile app unlocking a computer for a user via bluetooth proximity.
Screenshot showing a user logging into an application on a laptop using the badge app QR code scan or push notification on their phone.

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