Enterprise Support Benefits

Reinvesting in your success, every year as a customer perk.

We know that optimizing your enterprise environments for world-class analytics and mobility requires continuous evolution—that’s why we reimagined your support plan benefits and introduced a suite of consulting engagements available to you as annual perks. Your Enterprise Support benefits let you tap into our proven best practices to help you optimize your use of our leading Intelligence Platform. Every year, you can request complimentary offerings to implement platform upgrades across environments, pilot new business solutions using underutilized product features, and much more at no additional cost.*

Success-Driven Benefits

Our engagements ensure that your solutions address real business problems, enhance user experience, and allow you to rapidly leverage investments at scale.

Strategic, Expert Guidance

Our proven methodology analyzes your business needs and user experience to deliver customized, actionable strategies, all in a matter of days.

Annual Collaboration

Our experts help you get more value using MicroStrategy through annual ecosystem assessments, tailored upgrade advisories, and much more.

Get More Value with Enterprise Support.

Contact us today to learn more about the complimentary consulting you can get with your Enterprise Support benefits. We're here to help you discover the best services for your unique needs, so you can start using your support plan perks to get more from your enterprise technology investments using our leading Intelligence Platform.

Contact us today to:

  • Upgrade your environment

    Apply your hours to get a customized DIY upgrade plan, or have our experts do the work for you.

  • Pilot new solutions and features

    Explore parts of the platform you aren't fully leveraging and get an enterprise-grade pilot solution for a new business challenge.

  • Enhance UI/UX and optimize performance

    Explore all the ways you can put dozens of specialized features, capabilities, and services to work for better results.

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